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Family Fun on a Budget

Updated March 2017

A family budget can be a fun exercise if all the family take the idea on board and each help to bring some creative ideas to the table.  Budgeting can become an art and looked at in a positive light.

Let’s face it, how many items do we all throw away each week, month or year and how much is it costing the nation?

One of the benefits will be that the art of personal finance will be introduced to younger members of the family, thus ensuring that they will be able to cope financially when their time of financial responsibility arrives in their lives.

How can a family have fun on a budget?

When the school holidays loom, a lot of parents wonder how they are going to introduce fun outings for their children during the long summer weeks.

Have you checked out the newspapers for coupons to buy event tickets at big discounts?


Save money with Coupons

Family discount tickets can be a great saving.  Just today, we found one which, if we use it more than twice, the entry fee for each additional visit, will then be nil.  As the children look forward to visiting the event in question, it’s a win-win situation.

Holidaying away from home!


Family Holiday on a Budget

The cost of going on holiday can be a worry for parents.  But there are ways around it …

  1. What about your friends or relations?
  2. Where do they live?
  3. Could you do a house swap with them?

We did this one year and it was fantastic.  All we needed was the travel cost and spending money.  The children weren’t familiar with any of the locations, so every day was a new adventure for them.  We didn’t have to travel far either once we got there either, as there was so much in the immediate location.


Entertaining – Family Budget Ideas

Inviting other families to a meal and they returning the compliment.  Also, you could get together with three or four other families with each family serving a different course.

Encouraging the children to create the menus and even cooking the meals together under guidance.


Family Budgeting Together

Why not set aside a couple of hours a week for the whole family to go through the household budget, that way the children can enjoy budgeting too.  You can download a family budget spreadsheet here.

The children would enjoy the challenge of working within the family household budget and if they achieve that, they could be given a reward in the way of a treat for the weekend!




There are many other money management articles on this site which I think you will be interested in, one of which is …   


Great advice from an expert!  So, just by watching small expenses you will soon have control of your household budget and be able to relax it more freely, as one debt after another disappears.  So, is it worth starting your family budget today?


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