How Much Will Gas Cost in 2012

The question of how much will gas cost in 2012 is on many people’s minds today.  Amazingly, some places in the US are paying more then $5 yet the question asked in many newspapers reports, was would it go up to $5 this year.

It’s quite frightening to see these costs rise at such a high level so quickly in 2012.  Now is the time for more of us to take responsibility of our driving costs and find ways to curtail them.

This morning, for instance, I was at a meeting and on the way back, my first thought on the price of petrol was should I stop and buy the weekend groceries now, rather than going out again and using more petrol.  As I was nearing towards my local shopping centre, I did stop and purchase the shopping there and then.   We are not all so fortunate though because many people have no alternative but to go out daily to visit family members who may be reliant on them getting their shopping or taking them to the doctors etc.

The following article does make some pertinent points on how you can save on the gas you use.

With gas prices once again on the rise, more and more people will be looking for ways to save money on gas. In their pursuit to achieve this goal, they very well …

Another alternative is to consider changing the fuel required to move your car in the first place and this could be in the form of converting your car to an electric car.  Click this link to find out how one couple actually did that.  They’ve had to set up their  website with the information because so many people contacted them and wanted to know if they could do it too.

The video below is of Tom Hanks endorsing the use of electric cars.  In fact he is driving one of his own cars which has been converted.

They have also pointed out that successful converstions have taken place all around the world.  You would have to enquire if they worked in your country, if you are outside of the US, UK , EU, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Australia or South Africa, because they have confirmed on their site that readers of their guide have been successful in those locations.

Once you have been through the site, you may be asking yourself how soon you will be able to convert a car to electric, rather than, how much will gas cost in 2012  🙂

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