Free Holidays Then Clear Debt

Free Holidays exist! Following are some ideas for free holidays. Did you honestly think that you would find a holiday for free? You’ll be delighted to find out that, if you think outside the box … it’s possible.

Free Holidays List

Free Holidays

Free Holidays

House Sit
Many people have second homes and are often looking for people to stay in their property while they are away, perhaps just looking after the plants or animals.

You will find a lot of agencies set up to cater for this type of free holiday on the Internet or in your local telephone book. It’s very probable that you would need to be interviewed and that you will be required to references.

Become a Volunteer
To take your mind of your own problems, can you imagine the satisfaction you would achieve by becoming a volunteer either in your own country or overseas for just a couple of weeks? Generally all your expenses will be covered and you will most likely get a spending allowance too.  If you do a search on the Internet, you are bound to find websites with more information.

House Exchange
People have been exchanging their family homes with other families in different parts of the world for many years. All you would need in the way of cash, would be your transport costs and some  spending money but what a wonderful opportunity.

You could do a search on the Internet or in your Yellow Pages for companies on any of the above suggestions.

Free Holidays Abroad

Now this is something which you could consider and which I think you will love…

Free holidays in Spain

Three benefits of this Free holiday are:

  1. You would meet new interesting people.
  2. It would be a complete break from all that you have been concentrating on – namely your debt repair.
  3. The break would ensure that you returned home with more drive and determination to take hold of your new challenge of getting your life back to the situation you want it to be in, financially.

All you have to do is to contact the following company who are looking for English speaking people to spend the day talking to native Spanish people.

You would have to pay for your flight but that’s all. Depending on the time of the year you go, you should find some really cheap air ticket prices, especially if you  booked in advance.

You will be supplied with free accommodation and three free meals a day. It is definitely something worth considering.

Go to and once you open the website, you will find flags related to your country at the top. Select the flag to take you into an English written site.

I think this is a fantastic opportunity for you to have a free holiday with the potential of a life changing experience.  Who knows where this could take you …

The above list of free holidays will be updated as I find more for you.

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