Family Debt Disrupts School Lunch Payments – Inspirational Story

A small thing can turn out to be a big thing!

A wonderful heartfelt quote from 8 year old Cayden Taipalus.

Children living with the results of their parent’s debt problems are unknowingly growing up with a deeply ingrained handicap.

  • What child wants to look back at having suffered the embarrassment of others knowing that their parents were not in a position to financially support them?
  • What impact will this have on their confidence and abilities in the classroom and later in life?
  • Will they then go on in their educational path to follow their parent’s pattern and create their own student debt issues?
  • Will these children be candidates for mental health issues entirely because of their family debts?

That’s the negative side of being a child of parents with debt problems.

However, on the positive side, will the experience motivate them later in life to ensure that they are successful in their careers or businesses, so that their own children don’t suffer in the same way?

The more people we hear about who inspire us by for their acts of kindness, such as this 8 year old lad, Cayden Taipalus, the more open we are to allowing ideas of how we can help others with debt problems, flow.  Credit to Cayden  🙂


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