Get Out Of Debt Fast – Part 2

get out of debt fast

To Get Out of Debt Fast in 7 steps – Part 1, click the link at the bottom of this post.

In Part 1, you will find the first four steps of how to get organised and start to take back control of your desire and determination to get out of debt fast.

As I said in the beginning of this article, Part 1, if anything looks too big to cope with, breaking it down into bite size steps is the best way to tackle it.  Now moving onto Part 2 …

Get Out Of Debt Fast – Part 2

Step 5 Prepare questions

Make a final list, but this time make a list of all the questions you have going around in your head with regard to these debts and write these down on a separate piece of paper.

This would be best achieved if you go for a long walk, with a small notebook in your pocket, so that you could concentrate while at the same time, be away from the problem and the distractions of others in the house.

Solitary walking can improve your ability to make decisions and help you to direct your focus.

Step 6 Bring your debts into the open

Once you have the above in place and before the next step, take the time to discuss with your partner, or relevant others, what you are planning.

This is an important step as you will need their support and understanding.  It will also help them to realise that you are taking control of the debt problems and their financial security.

Step 7 Make an appointment

Telephone the nearest free Debt Support Agency and make an appointment to visit them, with your folder.  With the free debt help you will get here, you will be much nearer to getting out of debt.

You are not going to like having to face doing this task but as soon as it is done, you will be just steps away from dealing with your debts and being in control of your finances once again.

Eliminate doubts that you can get out of debt fast

If you have any doubts that you can cope with this, check out the article I wrote on Words of Affirmations because I know it will help you 🙂

You should actually feel a sign of relief for the fact that you are taking responsibility to get out of debt fast.

Click the link to read the first four steps on how to get out of debt fast

Get out of debt fast with the final section

Having prepared yourself, you now need to take the final step which will be the beginning of the end of all your debt problems and without which, even the steps above will be useless.

Click the following link to move onto the final part of Debt Repair To Get Out of Debt Fast

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