Food Recipes Rags To Riches Business Success

food recipes

Food Recipes

Dreams of turning your food recipes into financial success are abound. Rags to riches stories are everywhere for you to find from the newspapers to the internet. Finding what will make you rich in the first place is easy enough if you look for what is needed by the mass of people.

Food, because one thing we all need is food. Combine two elements of need and solving a problem. People always need food and with your willingness to solve that need, you will have a food receipe for success.

Rags to Riches Food Recipes

How many people have ideas and dreams and decide to shelf them until the time is right or the money is available. That should not be the case because it is a recipe for total abandonment. I even have memories myself of wanting to create a wonderful biscuit which a lady made in Italy and was not being marketed in the world. I decided, the time was not right but looking back, it would have been possible, if I had knocked on enough doors.

Food Recipes Inspirators

On the subject of knocking on doors, there is one particular true rags to riches story which I always use to insire people to go fit it in their own businesses and that is the amazing Chicken Nugget story. I wrote about this particular story in the past and from my own personal debts challenge experience. Here is an extract …

“The idea came to a certain gentleman, in his pension years, to sell his unique chicken recipes to other restaurateurs.

With this in mind, he set about approaching them and travelled all over America. He even slept in his car for many of the nights. He called on restaurateurs, day after day, explaining how his recipe would be advantageous for their businesses. But day after day, he was seen off their premises.

He never gave up and called on 1,009 doors throughout America before his offer was accepted.

What perseverance that man had to follow his dream? How many people would have given up after 3 or 4? But he went on and on until he got his Yes!”

Following is the full article and how it actually applied to my own life story. I hope you enjoy it.

What goes so nicely with chicken, when you are not watching your weight, is surely some French frys. Coincidentially, today I found yet another interesting story on this subject and very inspiring for all those who dream of going from rags to riches themselves.

“At Portage la Prairie Rotary Club at the Canad Inns on Jan. 3, Chris Tompkins, the unit director at the local Portage Simplot plant, told Rotary members the fascinating story of how the company’s founder JR (Jack) Simplot first developed his French fries in Idaho in 1946.

It was described as the classic rags to riches tale and one that is sure to inspire anyone who ever had a good idea and a little determination to make it a reality.

Tompkins says JR Simplot was someone who kept looking for the next best business idea, which turned out to be his success.” /ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=3427926

Food recipes and business opportunities.

If you have always had the idea of producing a food product from your own food recipes, why not make today the day that you commit to following your dream?

Draft up a plan and go for it. It is as simple as that. Focus daily on what you want to achieve, several times a day, in fact and put action into that plan daily. Time disappears so quickly and rather than living to regret the day that you did not start your own food recipes business, do it.  Even writing a book related to all the recipes you have would be a way of earning money plus leaving a written legacy for you family and future generations.  It’s even possible that you too could be listed as one of the inspiring rags to riches stories entirely due to turning your food recipes into a catering business.

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