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teaching_english_overseas.jpgTeaching English overseas is in demand around the world and thus there are opportunities for you in finding such work. You may need to qualify and this can incur a cost. With that in mind, if you are unemployed, you should find out if there are any grants available for your situation to help you get back into work and which could be used to pay for a course in TEFL.

Teaching English Overseas in Saudi Arabia

One location which requires people for teaching English overseas right now is, Saudi Arabia.

“The Middle East rich list has just been published and the top 5 spots are taken by double digit Saudi billionaires. The overall wealth within the Middle East is staggering and therefore it should come as no surprise that the country is such a heavy …”


If you already have the necessary criteria, then there are excellent opportunities for teaching English overseas.

In Thailand, learning English is being being promoted and more opportunities will certainly be arriving in that location in readiness of 2015.

“At least one day per week, teachers and students must use English in communications through various activities,” Education Minister Woravat Auapinyakul said last week.

The project will kick off on December 26 with cooperation from foreign embassies and other institutions, said Sasithara Pichaicharnnarong, permanent secretary of the ministry.

Woravat said the project would prepare Thailand for the advent of the Asean Economic Community in 2015.


Retraining to become a teacher later in life is certainly worthwhile considering as a career change, as teaching English overseas will be one area that will be growing. Once you have gained a teacher qualification to teach adults, it will be relatively easy to take the next step that would enable you to gain the TEFL qualification.

Teaching English Overseas Resources


For more information on TEFL and ESL … check the above website which will give you free resources, updated data and ensure that your are armed with all you require to be in a position to start teaching English overseas.


Teaching English overseas is just one way that you can generate money and for more money making ideas go to the links above.

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