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In Debt While Saving Money For a Rainy Day!

Debts Challenge Money Mindset Book

At last! I am so excited to tell you about a book which is going to change your way of thinking about money and being in debt!   Madness, I know but let me explain. I met the author, Bill…

Discount Coupons Save Money and Help In More Ways Than One


Being careful not to waste the discount coupons that we are handed daily can help to not only save money but also can help others in need. We can all save on coupons and benefit from one way or another.

HouseHold Budget To Free Holidays

The household budget is an necessity if any money is going to be saved in your household, this year or any year for that matter. Harsh fact! You may think you have cut your outgoings to the bone. This is…

Saving Money – Swapping

A great way of saving money is to organize a swapping event with your friends and neighbours. Who has not got something in their homes which they no longer use or which they may have purchased and never used in…