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Help With Debt and Depression in 2016

debt help

Thanks to the recent readiness of credit, debt has now reached an all-time low, leading to depression for many!  This is according to a recent report from the BBC. But what are the implications within the family due to the…

Dionne Warwick – Bankruptcy Advice For Others


At the age of 72 years, Dionne Warwick is now bankrupt, due to bad financial management.   Five Grammy awards and an incredible successful career did not protect her from going down the route of filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy.…

Irish Property Offers Amazing Bargains

Irish property has had a major down turn and prices are back to what they were almost ten years ago. To be able to buy a house for €150,000 less than it was valued previous to this recession is going…

Bankruptcy Advice With Genuine Care

For bankruptcy advice I highly recommend that all those living in the UK, and even outside, should contact The Bankruptcy Advisory Service, which is run by Gill Hankey