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saving money on groceries

Saving money on groceries is easy, believe me, and its something we can all do, as from today! If you don’t do it, why not just take your money and throw it in the bin instead.  Saves you carrying the groceries home in the first place!

Ok, that is extreme but look at the following three questions because they’ll soon make you realise the truth that you could in fact be saving money on groceries alone, this very week.

3 Question on saving money on groceries …

  1. How many times do you go into a store and come out with purchases which you were tempted with, only to find days later, they are still in the fridge?
  2. How many times have you had to clear out your fridge with foods that has not been eaten?
  3. How often do you check that the packets of food in your cupboards are still in date?

Here’s another question.  Have you ever calculated the cost of this wasted food?

Then there is also the freezer. How long has the food been there for one thing and on a different savings point, how full is the freezer? Are you paying for wasted electricity which is freezing air?

Just by eating absolutely everything you purchased and not shopping until necessary, then you will immediately save money on grocery bills.

More ideas for saving money on groceries weekly …

Other ideas for grocery shopping on a budget include, bulk buying.

When your normal purchases are on special offer, take advantage and buy these in bulk but at the same time, don’t be tempted to buy more than you can afford otherwise you may be saving money on groceries, at the cost of putting yourself further into debt with other outgoings.

You’ll know how much you want to spend each month on groceries, so you need to make sure that you stick within this amount.

Then there are your neighbours and local friends who may also want to save money on grocery bills and would be willing to purchase some products together in bulk!

For information on how you can manage your daily expenses in a specific yet simple method and clear debt and save money …

Conclusion on saving money on groceries …

If you treat this exercise as a project, get organised and stick with it, you’ll be amazed how much you could save in a few months, let alone a year. So, with careful management, there is no reason why saving money on groceries is not possible for you and you could use that money saved to pay off your credit card bills or other bills.

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