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Saving Electricity – Video Demo How To – Updated Post

I just found a really unique way of saving electricity and it is so simple you will love it.  I certainly do and I’m going to have a go at making one this week.  But before we go to the video of how you can save money on your electricity bills,  let me first warn you of the safety issues involved.

  • You would have to make sure that you had a flat surface to place your new ‘heater’ on, so that it will be stable and secure.
  • Your flat surface would be best away from carpets or rugs, for fire safety reasons.
  • Most importantly, it would have to be kept away from young children and pets.

One thing I would suggest is that you always have a fire blanket wherever there is an open flame.  There are too many accidents with fire in the winter, so please take the time to source some safety blankets.  With that said and the security issue mentioned, on the positive side of this new ‘heater’, it would be ideal for …

  • A small room, or even several small rooms in your home.
  • The kitchen
  • A garage heater

The main benefit of the ‘product’ you will see in the video is,  it wil only cost you approximately one penny or one cent per hour.  We are talking about eight pence a day on average.

Where else can you find enegry at such a low price?   I could not believe it and it’s so very simple.

Watch the video below on how you can save electricity from today.  I would love to have your comments on what you thought of this unique idea.

Just a thought, if your room is larger than the one shown in the video, you could have two ‘heaters’ in the same room because they certainly don’t take up much space.

Saving Electricity – Update on above method 

Credit to the video channel promoting these saving electricity tips …

Updated details:
Now able to push the air out into the room
Uses a computer fan which is run off a 9v battery
Reaches a heat level of 170 which would be suitable for many small rooms.

More Saving Electricity Tips  

There are many pie maker machines which can save you money and it’s certainly worth while considering one, whatever size of family you have.

I hope you found this information interesting and it certainly would be great to hear if you implemented the methods outlined in the videos.  Also, please don’t forget to remember the benefits of saving electricity and what you could do with the money you will be saving, such as you could use the money saved to pay off your debts and clear those credit cards.

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