Jobless Numbers Fell Down – True Or False

Jobless Numbers

Jobless Numbers

Jobless numbers are offering a possibility of hope within the labour market in US, according to the Financial Times.  Read on to make up your own mind on the reliability of these numbers …

Jobless Numbers – FT Report

However, they do go on to state that potentially this could have happened due of the way that the ongoing extension of benefits have been created or manipulated.  (As a result of this, we have to wonder what exactly is the case with regard to jobless numbers as a whole!)

Some cities in USA are seeing an improvement, such as in New York and Atlanta.  This is not to say that the economic situation is improving, only that there is new hope but, depending on the department carrying out the research!

To read more on this news report you could go to …

Who Cares About The Jobless Numbers

In the meantime, who cares?

Who cares about the people having to go and queue up every week to get the jobless benefit of the pittance amount when in fact all these people want is to be able to work and pay for their own living expenses.

In a lot of cases they could be self employed but don’t have the drive, entirely because they are on a spiral of benefits and fear.   Because they are so stressed, they fear losing the tiny benefits because of the constant thought of “what would they do then”?

Alternative to being one of the jobless numbers

There are many opportunities for those people to be earning extra money, even part time, whilst on jobless  benefits.  Although you may only be able to work a few hours a week, these hours could open the door to a brand new financial future.

For information on what type of earning extra money little earner you could start, check the following link on this site to make fast money.

At that link, you’ll find a lot of ideas to help you move forward in getting out of debt.

If you are reading this and are unemployed … how fantastic it would be for you to take yourself off that list of jobless numbers and create your own job?

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