Filing Bankruptcy – The Many Advantages

Filing BankruptcyFiling bankruptcy can be a daunting experience if you have the wrong frame of mind. All you need is to change the perspective of how you look at it. For instance, ask yourself the question, how many people before you have gone bankrupt? Bearing that in mind will help you somewhat. You have to constantly remember that you are not alone and sadly there will be many more following in your footprints.

Without a doubt, going bankrupt is not something to be taken lightly but the alternatives of living day by day with the worry and stress of your financial pitfall can be very detrimental to your health. It is a sad fact that many people have died from debt and many through their own choice. What a waste of valuable lives?

There are many advantages of filing for bankruptcy as soon as you know you have no alternative and some are that it will stop the collection calls that have been pestering you. It will halt any legal actions which may be in place, such as judgements or wage garnishments.

Your first step would be to get advice from a bankruptcy advisory company and preferably one who is not going to benefit financially from your situation. There are many such agencies in each country and you should be able to find this advise via the internet or with the help of your library. They will help you to determined the right time to file bankruptcy.

Once the bankruptcy filing has been placed, then is the time to be gentle with yourself. Of course you are going to feel a failure but in reality that is just an old way of thinking. You know that you have done everything you could, given the circumstances, to stabilise your finances but were they in your control in the first place? You should hold your head up high and move onto the next exciting chapter in your life with a clean financial slate.

Your home! No doubt you are worrying about losing your home if your go bankrupt. It may happen and it may not depending on your individual circumstances. But either way, sooner or later you would move and eventually buy another home. If you have to rent for a year or two, what difference would that really make?

Don’t forget the family implications too. A good reason for filing bankruptcy is the impact it will have on the rest of your family.

  • They too have suffered seeing you trying your very best to keep the money coming in to pay for all the expenses, against the odds.
  • They too will have medical problem which may well have arisen from this stress and the sleepless nights.
  • They too could be worrying about the roof over their heads and what will happen if they lose their home.
  • They too could be worry about the impact it has on the family as a whole.
  • They too want to put the situation behind and start fresh.

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Moving on to yet another advantage of filing bankruptcy and that is, you will at last be debt free. Consider how many people would love to be debt free. You would have a new chapter to begin in your life and slowly but surely, you will be able to build up your financial security again. With all those points said, is it not an advantage for filing bankruptcy as soon as possible and starting afresh?

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