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At the age of 72 years, Dionne Warwick is now bankrupt, due to bad financial management.   Five Grammy awards and an incredible successful career did not protect her from going down the route of filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Walk on By became Warwick's second internation...

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Dionne Warwick is not the first celebrity to travel that route and certainly, won’t be the last.   However, sadly,  later in life, this can be a difficult place to be financially.

What opportunities have the majority at this age in their lives, of recouping a decent financial status?

That is the concern of many in their retiring years.

With that said and with the amazing technology we have today, it is possible to earn money at any time in life.  Stretching our brains to learn new skills can only bring benefits.  Knowledge learned over the years can be translated into kindle books for instance, whether they be information products or childrens stories, it’s possible.

If you would like more information, contact me via http://www.annemariecallan.com as this is a route I have taken in the last few years, creating a children’s book series, called The Skellee Superheroes.  You can check Skellee kindle books on Amazon.

With regard to Dionne, after all the pleasure she has given millions over the years,  she still has a lot to share with us from the gift that “God has given to her”. (her words 🙂 ).  I for one, cannot image her sitting back for the next twenty or thirty years,( God willing) not following her dreams.  I think she is going to be back with great surprises for us all.

With said, I’v just found the following video … What a lady …


On another positive and encouraging note, the following article shows that it can be done.  Bankruptcy is not the answer for everybody …


“If that is the case, then last year, Ms. Bostick gave her children an enormous gift. The Bosticks were named “2012 Client of the Year” by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling for pulling themselves out of six figures of credit card debt in five years with the help of a local affiliate, Housing and Credit Counseling of Topeka, Kan.

“The first thing we were told was that we qualify for bankruptcy,” she said, “But if I had filed bankruptcy, who’s to say I wouldn’t be in debt again? I would not have learned a lesson.”

They cut household expenses and spending and took on second jobs — Ms. Bostick working 12-hour days into her 60s — to not only break even every month but to put $2,496 every month into paying off their debt. Five years later, they even have a saving account.

Her only regret is that with advancing dementia, her husband cannot fully comprehend their accomplishment. When the final credit card bill was paid, she said, “I was jumping up and down. He just looked at me and said, ‘Yay.’ ”

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On a finishing note, I hope this article inspired you enough to take matters into your own hands and get the bankruptcy advice you need, whatever country you live in – i.e. Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or in the UK,  receivership advice or filing for bankruptcy free advice, as soon as possible.

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