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HouseHold Budget To Free Holidays

The household budget is an necessity if any money is going to be saved in your household, this year or any year for that matter. Harsh fact! You may think you have cut your outgoings to the bone. This is…

Filing for Bankruptcy – Latest Kodak News

Kodak, who are now filing for bankruptcy protection may instigate personal bankruptcy for many of the locals in Rochester NY who were reliant on their jobs to stay financial secure. But hopefully their fears are unfounded.

Rags to Riches in the Clothing Business

Rags to riches or just sheer guts and determination?  I wonder what you think.  I believe it was sheer guts that drove this company through all the obstacles it had to overcome to reach the point of succes it has…

Self Help Debt Solutions Are Everywhere

Self Help Debt Solutions can be found everywhere. Not only on the High Street but also all over the internet and in various media. Depending on your preference, you could read and take notes of the information from the many…

Just a million dollars is lost!

What has the million dollars, the European fund and American funding got to do with each other?