5 Simple Energy Saving Tips


DIY Home Energy Saving System Video

5 Simple Energy Saving Tips:

• Turn it off and unplug.   – Make sure you turn your appliances and lights off when you’re not using them.  Don’t leave Standby on the television.  Get in the habit of switching off the computer when you’re not going to be using it for hours

• Turn it down one degree at a time.   – Do you really need to have the heating so high?  Why waste money heating the whole house to a heat which is unnecessary?  Just by turning the room thermostat down by one degree at a time, until you find your most comfortable level of warmth, you can save a lot of money over the year.  Why not consider some of the energy saving heaters?

• Change the lights – Use LED spotlights instead of the normal halogens.   Check out the energy saving light bulbs which are readily available now.  You’ll find that your local hardware depot will be able to advise you or check out these energy saving tips.

• Close the curtains – As soon as it gets dark, close the curtains.  Hopefully you will have lined curtains which will insulate your home.  If not, consider investing in them as soon as you can afford it.

• Cover up the drafts – In a lot of homes, cold drafts can be chilling the rooms that you want to relax in.  Find something to block the drafts.


A budget is about being in control of your money!

It will help you to see what you are wasting your money on?  Are they wants or are they needs?  Without a budget you will never know the answer to that question.

Just making small changes can help your finances more than you could believe.

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Start with the 5 simple energy saving tips for a month and then check to see what you have saved in that one month period.


Watch this DIY Home Energy Saving System Video


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