Celebrity Bankrupt Success Story – Dave Ramsey

Financial Assistance

Dave Ramsey – the self-professed “get out of debt” guru is the focus of this post. So, for all those who haven’t heard of Dave Ramsey, I think the following video will enlighten you to the man and his principles. (The…

Getting a Mortgage – With Bad Credit?

Getting a Mortgage

How to get a Home Loan with Bad Credit This article and video covers when and when not is the right time for getting a mortgage, what to do if you have bad credit and need a mortgage, as well as the…

Family Debt Disrupts School Lunch Payments – Inspirational Story

Family Debt

“A small thing can turn out to be a big thing!” A wonderful heartfelt quote from 8 year old Cayden Taipalus. Children living with the results of their parent’s debt problems are unknowingly growing up with a deeply ingrained handicap. What…

Help With Debt and Depression in 2016

debt help

Thanks to the recent readiness of credit, debt has now reached an all-time low, leading to depression for many!  This is according to a recent report from the BBC. But what are the implications within the family due to the…

In Debt While Saving Money For a Rainy Day!

Debts Challenge Money Mindset Book

At last! I am so excited to tell you about a book which is going to change your way of thinking about money and being in debt!   Madness, I know but let me explain. I met the author, Bill…

Discount Coupons Save Money and Help In More Ways Than One


Being careful not to waste the discount coupons that we are handed daily can help to not only save money but also can help others in need. We can all save on coupons and benefit from one way or another.

Mission Possible With Cute Kitten and 2 Dogs

 The following event occurred on 9th July, yesterday, in Moraira.  I made a comment on my FaceBook wall about it but as it was too long to explain, so I’m sharing it here.   It’s a beautiful story and I hope…